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REVIEW: Callaway Epic Driver


It’s very rare that a product with this much hype around it actually lives up to its name, but the Callaway Epic driver does exactly that. If you haven’t heard about the incredible technology built into this driver, it’s about time you learned what makes this driver an absolute game changer. With other major golf equipment companies incorporating unique and cutting edge technology into their drivers, it was time for Callaway to step up and do the same. Enter here, the Callaway Epic.


To cut to the chase, the Epic is one of the most elegant and hands down best looking driver of 2017. The Epic is round and symmetrical with a crown that fades from a glossy black to carbon fiber. The Epic’s unique design is truly magnificent, but at the same time is not over the top where some drivers can almost be a bit distracting.

Sound and Feel

Both the Callaway GBB Epic and SubZero driver have fantastic acoustics. This driver is super light and incredibly easy to swing, which means it’s perfect for those ‘grip it and rip it’ types of shots. If you don’t like the stock shaft, Callaway has the most inclusive range of shafts to date in their drivers. They range from 40g all the way up to 80g in a variety of weights and flexes to allow you to find the shaft best suited to you and letting you achieve maximum distance. Above all else, the Epic feels SOLID.


The headlining technology in the GBB Epic is something Callaway is calling “Jailbreak”. The main idea is that two vertical bars in the head of the driver completely alter how the head and face behave resulting in a much higher ball speed across the face. From my hour long fitting session with local Carlsbad PGA Pro Greg Milligan, I can tell the GBB Epic is a driver unlike any other. My ball speed and smash factor were consistently high, even when my ball striking was spotty at times.

Another key feature in the GBB Epic is the adjustable weight. There are now two interchangeable weights in the head of the driver (2 grams and 12 grams) to adjust the spin rate and launch angle. Say for example, if you put the 12g weight up front you can lower your overall spin. If you put that same weight in the back of the head you can increase your launch angle.


The Callaway GBB Epic driver stands out as an innovative and all round beautifully designed driver. This is the perfect club for players of all levels wanting a few extra yards, but not wanting to sacrifice their accuracy in the process. The Epic feels amazing, looks sleek, and performs exquisitely with off center shots. The standard GBB Epic is more suited to mid-low handicap players while the SubZero model is aimed for those players with slightly higher club head speeds, spin rates, and more control. You can expect to see the Epic in a lot of bags this year, all the way from the Tour to your local public course.

For more information on the Callaway Epic and SubZero driver click here!

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